Saving lives with digital solutions in special vehicles For Your Safety

EVAM Transmit is the future – A digitalized version of warning lights and sirens communicating directly from an event of importance to your cars sound system For Your Safety.

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Welcome our newest team member and UI Designer - Melyat! ⭐️

“I'm excited to join Evam as a UI Designer! With a background in product design, my experience spans from electrical automobiles to medical products. To enhance my skills I studied an Industrial Product Design Master at Lund University. I love to focus on the details of the design and to play around with design elements to create the best product for the user. Beyond creating an attractive visual design, I'm passionate about creating valuable social impact with my design skills “

Welcome to the team Melyat!👏🏼🚀

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2 weeks ago  ·  

EVAM joins the NordicWay 3 program – the leading project enabling vehicles and infrastructure to communicate in the Nordics! 🚦🙌🏼

We contribute with our traffic signal priority solution for emergency vehicles. Giving emergency vehicles green light at intersections makes emergency driving both safer and faster 🚑 🚀

Bringing our knowledge of vehicular communication for special vehicles, we will work alongside other industry experts with the mission to create safer traffic environments!👏🏼

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2 weeks ago  ·  

Remember to slow down!🚘

When a car accident happens, the road become the workplace for emergency personnel, putting themselves at risk while saving others. The risk of severely injuring a pedestrian in a car crash is rapidly increasing with the speed of the vehicle: from 10% at 20km/h to over 80% at 50km/h

We think this is crazy!

By getting an early warning, before passing a road accident using #EVAMTransmit, motorists have the time to limit the speed making the working environment safer for the emergency personnel 🚑🚨

#UNGlobalRoadSafetyWeek #Love30 #love20 #StreetsForLife #UNGRSW #RoadSafetyWeek #roadsafety #trafficsafety #evamtransmit
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1 month ago  ·  

We started this week by visiting a fire truck and ambulance manufacturer in Dubai! 🛠

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2 months ago  ·  

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