A digitalized version of warning lights and sirens For Your Safety

EVAM Transmit

A state of the art V2V communication system that allows emergency services, road maintenance providers and others to communicate important real-time information, e.g., approaching emergency vehicle or static obstacles such as roadworks, to motorists in the direct vicinity. Providing a timely warning, driver awareness is improved and thus also accessibility and traffic safety – saving lives and time. The EVAM Transmit technology is a proven technology that’s now ready to scale.


EVAM Transmit uses a novel pat. pend. technology developed by breaking new ground in the radio technology area. EVAM Transmit enables the communication without retrofitting any receivers thus reaching over 75% of motorists on roads today. EVAM Transmit is today a foundation of a platform of services that will help road professionals by creating a safer and more cost-efficient operation.

Key features

Simple installation

EVAM Transmit can easily be installed and configured for all kind of vehicles by your regular technician using our easy to use PC application EVAM Configure.

Integrates with your control system

EVAM Transmit can be integrated with the control system of your choice. EVAM Transmit works seamlessly with most control systems on the market. This enables EVAM Transmit to, among other things, automatically be turned on when blue lights are activated.

New functionality without adding any new operations for the drivers

Emergency driving demands full focus and leaves little room for controlling different systems.

 EVAM Transmit adapts to different situations in traffic autonomously and requires no operations when fully integrated. EVAM Transmit provides a new way of warning motorists of emergency vehicles without adding any operations for the driver of the emergency vehicle.


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