EVAM Transmit – A digitalized version of warning lights and sirens enabling emergency vehicles to give nearby motorists an early warning to improve safety and accessibility.
This is how it works
The product is activated by the driver of the emergency vehicle and transmits a hyper local traffic warning using RDS to cars in the nearby area.
The traffic warning is received by the car radio and is presented via the speakers and the dashboard screen no matter if the motorist is listening to radio, CD, aux or any other type of media.
The traffic warning is received 10-15 seconds before the emergency vehicles passes. This gives the motorist time to locate the emergency vehicle and free the way resulting in:
– Improved traffic safety,
– Safer working environment for first responders
– and shortened response times.
EVAM Transmit is also beneficially used when the emergency vehicle is standing still along the roadside to alert approaching motorists. Making the working environment safer for the emergency personnel.
The product meets all certification requirements, is easily installed and can be integrated with already existing controls for lights and sirens. Adding functionality without complexity.
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