Great business leaders and innovators backs Swedish start-up on a mission to digitalize the special vehicles industry. Among the new shareholders we find names like The Grosskopf family, Almi Invest Stockholm, Christian Salamon and LIAF.


Raising money for product launch
EVAM ™ has recently completed a financing round and due to high interest from investors the new issue was over-subscribed and expanded. The company is raising over €600,000.

– The EVAM™ technology is a proven technology that’s now ready to scale. EVAM™ uses a novel pat. pend. Technology based on new ground-breaking radio technology. EVAM™ is today a foundation of a platform of services that will help road professionals by creating a safer and more cost-efficient operation, says Claes Beckman, founding director of the research centre wireless@kth and new shareholder EVAM™.


Saving lives with improved traffic safety
EVAM™ Transmit is a digitalized and future version of warning lights and sirens communicating directly from an event of importance to your in-vehicle sound system. It is the start of a platform that will help users of special vehicles to create safer and more cost-efficient operations.

-We save lives while improving traffic safety and accessibility in mission critical scenarios for emergency services and road maintenance personnel contributing to EU vision zero, says Mikael Erneberg COO, EVAM™.

EVAM™ is a state of the art V2V communication system that allows emergency services, road maintenance providers and others to communicate important real-time information, e.g., approaching emergency vehicle or static obstacles such as roadworks, to motorists in the direct vicinity. EVAM™ enables direct communication without retrofitting any receivers thus reaching over 75% of motorists on roads today. Providing a timely warning, driver awareness is improved and thus also accessibility and traffic safety – saving lives and time.

-I believe that a product like this could revolutionize emergency service operations by creating a safer environment in traffic, saving lives, says Andreas Berggren, MSB Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

EVAM™ have gotten great feedback from customers and authorities world-wide. Roll-out of EVAM™ will be done later in 2018. Initial launch will be in the Middle East and Europe.


Representatives from EVAM™ will attend Mobile World Congress 2018. For Inquires contact:
Alex Hedberg, CEO, EVAM™
070-730 90 07