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EVAM Transmit is a state of the art V2V communication system that allows emergency services and others to communicate important real-time information to motorists in the direct vicinity. EVAM Transmit uses a novel pat. pend. technology based on ground breaking radio technology. The EVAM Transmit unit is mounted in the emergency vehicle and transmits a radio warning message that is received by motorists in the nearby surroundings. The message is received by the civil cars sound system and the message can be received no matter if the motorist is listening to radio, CD, aux or any other type of media.

EVAM Transmit sends warning messages to the vehicles in the nearby surroundings around the emergency vehicle. Civil motorists are given at least 10 seconds early notice of the emergency vehicles presence.

EVAM Transmit sends warning messages to the vehicles in the nearby surroundings of the scene warning about the changed traffic conditions. Civil motorists are warned at least 10 seconds before they arrive at the scene.

EVAM Transmit has the functionality to transmit both an audio and a text message.

EVAM Transmit is delivered with already pre-recorded messages for the convenience of the operator and to guarantee the quality of the messages.

Different messages are transmitted depending on the situation. As standard EVAM Transmit is delivered with two messages covering both situations when you’re asking for free way and stationary situations e.g. traffic accidents.

The warning message interrupts the motorists sound system no matter what they are listening to. As soon as the warning message has been played the motorist is switched back to what it was originally listening to.

The transmission range is adaptable and automatically controlled to always give motorist at least 10 seconds early warning.

We recommend that you integrate EVAM Transmit with your current control system. In that way EVAM Transmit can be controlled in the same way as you control your warning lights and sirens. Turning your warning lights on will also turn EVAM Transmit on. EVAM Transmit will automatically detect the type of situation and chose the warning message accordingly. Depending on your current system the control of EVAM Transmit can be configured to your liking. However, EVAM Transmit can also be controlled individually using its own control panel.

The EVAM Transmit unit is installed in the emergency vehicle together with a compact antenna mounted on the vehicle’s roof. The unit is designed to allow flexible mounting position and simple cabling in the vehicle.

EVAM Transmit can be installed by your regular technician using our PC configuration tool – EVAM Configure. We can also help you with the installation through one of our partners.

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