Innovative technologies such as connected vehicles and infrastructure, advanced medical devices, and artificial intelligence have enabled new solutions for emergency services. However, realization of efficient emergency response requires smooth cooperation among multiple systems including infrastructure planners, traffic operators, medical services, and public safety answering point.

By incorporating global and national efforts on system of systems engineering (SoSE), this project aims to develop SoSE methodologies for emergency responses including architecting, modeling, simulation and integration. As such, the project will deliver:

  • An efficient system of systems for emergency response that enhances urban mobility in the event of traffic accidents.
  • Contribution to the development of knowledge base in the Swedish SoSE-community and help to educate new professionals in the area.

– This project will be a great platform for testing and verifying our innovative solutions on a global scale to reduce the risk and improve the accessibility for emergency vehicles, says Benjamin El Banna, Head of Hardware Engineering at EVAM.

The project will be coordinated by Chalmers, with research partners including EVAM, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, VTI, Medfield Diagnostics, WSP and Fellow Bot. In addition, the project expects close cooperation with Chinese partners within the parallel Vinnova supported Sino-Sweden project HIEM which is focused on product development.

The funding is administered by Vinnova in the program ” FFI System-av-system för mobilitet i städer (SoSSUM)” and ” Samarbete med Kina för forskning, utveckling och innovation inom life science och trafiksäkerhet”.