EVAM can proudly announce that the company has initiated pilots of EVAM Transmit with customers in the UAE. Police and Ambulance services both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have installed EVAM Transmit in their emergency vehicles to improve accessibility and safety for their first responders.

The UAE is striving to take the position as a global leader in technology and innovation in an effort to drive economic development away from the oil sector and promote long-term growth. As a result of investing in innovation public entities such as the police service and ambulance service are now in the fore front of development.

“We have seen great interest for our innovative solution EVAM Transmit in the Middle East. We have during some time discussed the solution with the Police and the Ambulance services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and are now very happy to start the pilot phase.” Says Erik Fröjd executive board member of EVAM. “UAE is a very exciting market, promoting new technology and innovation which is one of the reasons we are targeting UAE as a market.”

The pilots will run for two months where response time and safety using the new technology will be evaluated. A successful pilot will hopefully result in a larger implementation of the product during 2020.

For more about EVAM Transmit see: evam.life/products